I know I haven’t been blogging religiously lately and I don’t have a good excuse for that. (or I have I just want to spare you..haha)

Straight to the topic!

Spice Jar menu1

Spice Jar menu1

The SPICE JAR Food Hub a Tex-Mex restaurant; this is my newest discovery in my beloved hometown. As the name implies, they serve mostly spicy food. I have heard of this new food attraction some months ago but I only had the chance to eat there lately (they are not always open during weekends when I go home).

Here’s how the experience went…

The moment we stepped into their humble spot, we already sensed smelled the reason for their name. Chili powder is in the air! This made our nostrils and stomach excited! But what really caught our attention is how affordable their food are. They fit the student budget meal about Php 40-60 per meal. However, cost is not everything. We had to taste those good-smelling and reasonably priced food.

We ordered their two best sellers.

Ginger Garlic Chicken

Description: chicken wings and thighs with ginger garlic glaze; comes with fries and spicy rice
Price: Php 59 per serving
Serving: GOOD for one (REAL GOOD! Promise!)

First, the serving is really good considering the price and the taste is not far behind but rather ahead. I’m surprised ginger and garlic blended so well. And the chicken has ample sauce for the flavor to shine. The spicy rice is also a winner; though, I wish it could have been a bit more spicy. Hehe…

Chicken in Spicy White Sauce

Chicken in Spicy White Sauce

Description: chicken chops with spicy, white sauce (redundant I know..haha)
Price: Php 59 per serving
Serving: GOOD for one (REAL GOOD! Promise!)

So the spicy white sauce has a tinge of curry in it and a lot of bell pepper which gave wonderful aroma to the dish. The white sauce is also creamy but not as spicy as I expected. Maybe this is to cater for the not-so-spicy lovers. I wish I could have more of that white sauce because it wasn’t enough for the chunky, tender and moist chicken chop.

Chili Bomb

Description: green chilli stuffed with  cheese and ground beef
Price: Php 39 for 1 serving (4pcs)
Serving: GOOD for sharing..please share!

Now this is really a BOMB! The dish serves the name. I  really like the cheese-stuffed pepper and ground meat combination. But they added a cheat, you can put mayonnaise in everybit since it masks or proly subdues the spicy flavor. It can be overwhelming since it’s too spicy so highly recommend you don’t battle this alone. hehehe

I honestly can’t wait to go back and taste more of their menu. I can’t get over the fact that for just Php 59, I get a very good tasting and greatly satisfying meal…the beauty of LB! oh, it’s Friday today! I’m excited to go back home..boxing and of course, eating!


With the experience we had, we’ll definitely go back!