I have been under the weather this week with fever and skin asthma. 🙁

So to keep it interesting here, I’ll have this quick post about Rufo’s

*photo credits to www.rufos.com.ph

*photo credits to www.rufos.com.ph

Rufo's Famous Tapa

Rufo's Famous Tapa

Rufo’s Famous Tapa
Description: TAPSILOG (tapa-sinangag-itlog)
Price:  PHP 108
Serving: good for one person

For those who don’t know tapsilog, seriously??!!! ahaha..kidding…

Tapsilog is an abbreviation for tapa, sinangag and itlog. Tapa according to Wikipedia is…

dried or cured beefmutton or venison, although other meat or even fish may be used. Filipinos prepare thin slices of meat and cure it with salt and spices as a method of preserving it. Tapa is best fried or grilled, often served with rice, fried egg and achara (pickled papaya strips)”

Sinangag is basically fried garlic rice and itlog in English is egg; well, fried egg at that. Tapsilog is a very popular dish in the Philippines and we have a number of its varieties such as…(excerpt from Wikipedia)

  • Daingsilog – daing, fried rice and fried egg
  • Adosilog – adobo, fried rice and fried egg
  • Bacsilog – bacon, fried rice and fried egg
  • Bangsilog – bangus (milkfish), fried rice and fried egg
  • Bisteksilog – beef steak, fried rice and fried egg
  • Dangsilog – danggit (rabbitfish), fried rice and fried egg
  • Vicsilog – vic (chinless hogfish), fried rice and hard-cooked egg yolks
  • Chosilog – chorizo, fried rice and fried egg
  • Chiksilog – fried chicken, fried rice and fried egg
  • Cornsilog – corned beef, fried rice and fried egg
  • Hotsilog – hotdog, fried rice and fried egg
  • Longsilog – longganisa, fried rice and fried egg
  • Litsilog – lechon, fried rice and fried egg
  • Masilog – Ma Ling brand Chinese luncheon meat, fried rice and fried egg
  • SPAMsilog – SPAM brand luncheon meat, fried rice and fried egg
  • Tosilog – tocino, fried rice and fried egg

Ok, so going back to Rufo’s Famous Tapa, their version is a bit too saucy for me. I usually like my tapa dry and plain. Their’s has a strong sweet and salty flavor (too sweet for me and too liquidy..if there even is a term). The fried rice was not hot when served. Bad. Bad. And the price, I wouldn’t pay sooo much for that. You can usually eat a decent tapsilog for about PHP 50-100. I guess it just wasn’t in my flavor palette. You should maybe try it out for yourself. 🙂

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