I remembered this saying from a TV show:

“There are 3 ways to “Americanize” food:  1. deep fry it, 2. serve in humongous servings, and 3. make it a pie.”

In that episode, they featured deep fried everything including — deep fried Oreos. So when this delectable treat found its way into our humble hometown, I just had to try.

deep fried Oreos
deep fried Oreos

deep fried Oreos

Deep Fried Oreo
Type: dessert/ snack
Price:  PHP 25
Serving: 3 pieces

Basically, this is an Oreo cookie dipped in a sweet batter then deep fried. The verdict? good for my sweet tooth but a bit too oily. I don’t think it’s a good snack every afternoon just every now and then. It should have a label saying “Devour at your own risk.” haha!

Btw, I saw this in Choconanas, a snack stall in our local mall. As the name suggests, it’s frozen bananas dipped in chocolate or strawberry or other flavors of coating. Then, it’s rolled over nuts or candy sprinkles or crushed cookies or whatever you may want.

I apologize for the very poor quality of the photos. It’s already late and very dark when I took this using my phone camera. I’m just always too lazy to bring around my DSLR. Maybe it’s time for a decent point and shoot, any suggestions?

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